Soal Greetings - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 dan Kunci Jawaban

Greetings - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7

Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban Greetings - Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7

Teacher : I think that’s all for today, any question?

Students : No Miss.

Teacher : Alright, then see you tomorrow class!

The underlined words expresses……

a. Congratulation.

b. Leave taking.

c. Thanking.

d. Greeting.


Ciko : ………………, where are you going?

Vita : Good afternoon, I’ll have lunch at the canteen.

Ciko : Let’s go together.

a. Good night.

b. Good morning

c. Good afternoon

d. Good bye


Ester : I’m Ester. How do you do?

Fitri : ………….. I’m Fitriyani Maida.
A. How are you?

B. Good morning.

C. How do you do.

D. Are you ok?


Grace : I’m afraid, I’ll have to go now.

Sinta : Yes, good night, Sinta

Grace : Good night, see you tomorrow.

The underlined words means that Sinta wanted to ………. Grace

a. Invite

b. Leave

c. Introduce

d. Greet


The way to ask someone’s news is?

A. What is that?

B. Do you like it?

C. Where are you?

D. When is your birthday?


Before Widi goes to school in the morning, what she says to her parent?

A. Chase my way.

B. Go away.

C. Cheerio.

D. Please leave.


Aji : Hello Rizki, my name is Aji. (3)………………………

Rizki : Hi, my name is Rizki. Nice to meet you too.
A. How are you?

B. Good afternoon.

C. Nice to meet you.

D. See you later.


Which one in the following is the expression of leave-taking?

A. We have had a wonderful time.

B. How are you today?

C. I am sorry, I have to leave now.

D. I’m fine thanks.


It’s nine o’clock in the night. Gia will go to sleep. He says……. to his parents

A. Good bye

B. Good night.

C. See You

D. Good Afternoon


Faiz and Rizqi is in the cinema to watch a movie. Suddenly they meets Aji, Friend of Faiz outside of the cinema.

Faiz : Hello Aji, Good Afternoon.

Aji : Good Afternoon, Faiz (1)……………………..?

Faiz : I’m fine thank you and how about you?

a. nice to meet you

b. where are you?

c. How are you?

d. glad to see you


Bobby : Hi, Ace. ……….

Ace : Great! How about you?

Bobby : It’s good, thanks.

a. What is she doing?

b. How’s life?

c. Where have you been?

d. Glad to see you.


It’s seven o’clock in the morning.

Gina will go to school.

She says……… to his parents.

a. Good bye.

b. Good afternoon

c. Good day.

d. Good morning.


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