Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 dan Kunci Jawaban

Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5

Berikut adalah latihan soal dan kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5. Selamat berlatih.

Teacher : Good morning everybody. Is anybody absent today

Students : …. Miss. Nobody is absent, Miss.

a.Good evening.

b. Good night.

c. Good afternoon

d. Good morning


Deni : Hi, My name is Deni . What is your name?

Omi : Hi, I’m Omi. Are you … ?

Deni : Yes. I just moved from Bandar Lampung. I’m in I B, and you?

Omi : Me too.

a. new teacher

b. a teacher

c. new student

d. a librarian


We can see many animals in the….

A. Jungle

B. Park

C. Zoo

D. Waterfall


she is a…

A. Waitress

B. teacher

C. tailor

D. nurse


Andi : (bisakah) … I sit here bob?

Bobi : sure
A. Can

B. Could

C. Do

D. Does


is – this – fingers – my. The correct order is ….

A. Is this my fingers

B. This is fingers my

C. This is my fingers

D. Fingers my is thi


Mr Adi is a pilot. He flies a ….

a. bus

b. plane

c. train

d. pedicap


Lisa wants to buy books. She goes to the…

A. stationery store

B. bookstore

C. fruit stall

D. supermarket


A; “Is that alibrary?”

B: “No that is a…”

A. Museum

B. Market

C. Park

D. Zoo


A: What ia your father’s job ?

B : Her job is make a clothes. He ia…..
A. Taylor

B. Driver

C. Teacher

D. Nurse


What is your hobby?

A. I like swimming

B. I like playing basketball

C. I like playing tennis

D. I like cooking


It is 12 o’clok

A. Pukul 12 lewat 10 menit

B. Pukul 12 kurang 0 menit

C. Pukul 12 tepat

D. Pukul 12 lebih 0 menit


What is he doing?

He is…

A. Playing the drums

B. Playing the guitar

C. Playing the piano

D. Playing the Saxophone


Don’t go …… . it is raining.

A. boxing

B. football

C. chess

D. cycling


She is a…

A. Dentist

B. Doctor

C. Nurse

D. Scientist


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